Color Perfection Plumtastic Contact Lenses (Pair)

Plumtastic contact lenses by Color Perfection are Purple in color, they are premium grade contact lenses offering supreme design for a longer use time and smooth coloring that is not pixelated, they are designed to add color to eyes, perfect results on both light and dark colors, and they can be used for 120 days. Add to cart now to receive 2 x Lenses for the price shown.
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Color Perfection Plumtastic contact lenses are non prescription contact lenses, this means they will not alter or change your own vision, they are designed to add the color green to your eyes for cosmetic purposes,
They can be worn for 60 days before they need to be replaced, fitting and care instructions are available online,
DIA 14.2mm, BC 8.6, Plano 0.00
Brand Color Perfection
Code 5060307231472-B26
Condition New

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