Terms of Use

What happens when contact lenses are applied to eyes What you get How easy are they to open and use Do I need permission to show these in media, No you can show these how you feel, they can be shown in publications, videos, promotions, movies, theatrical plays, television and more etc., our products are an accessory to your special effect and styling work needs.

The contact lenses are handled the same way as normal contact lenses this is to prevent damage and ensure you get the most use time from these products as possible, Further instructions can be found online and on YouTube.

contact lenses are not medical devices and cannot be used to treat or fix vision problems etc.

Do contact lenses work on all eye colors, yes they do, some use opaque colors and patterns whilst some use semi opaque colors it is important to read the brand or style so you know what the effects are for and what they offer.

What does 120 days of use mean, it means the contacts will keep their color and glossy look for this period of time when used.

Do contact lenses need a prescription to be purchased, no they do not as they are not for any type of medical needs.

Are contact lenses hard to use, no they are very easy to use, they are soft like any other contact lens so can be handled and adjusted to suit your needs.

If you have any questions or concerns that were not answered here you can contact us for more information.