Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of sales:
All sales, refunds and exchanges abide by the terms and conditions set below

Our terms and conditions are set out for easy reading and very clear with no small print to avoid any misunderstanding.

Our agreement:
We agree to send all items order out to the customer where the payment has been cleared, we have the right to cancel and refund orders at our discreation, we agree that all items ordered and cleared will be dispacthed within 7 days, if any items are not in-stock we will contact the customer to see if they want a replacement, refund or agree to wait until item arrives back in-stock, we agree to keep all your personal information secure and not to hold or obtain any credit or debit card details that could lead to misuse, we do not sell any of your information and only obtain your order details like your name, address, email address and products ordered, we do not send out e-mails unless it is related to your order from yourself or a message from yourself.

How long until my order ships:
We ship 98% of all orders within 24 hours, this means once your order has been placed we will be shipping it within 24 hours, so within 24 hours your order will be passed to the postal service.

I have e-mailed and had no reply:
We aim to answer all e-mails within 24 hours, however during busy periods, weekends and public holidays delays can be expected, if you have not heard from us within a week then it would be very safe to say that your e-mail never arrived to us, we would suggest that you e-mail again without any hyperlinks in your e-mail or use a different e-mail address, perhaps that of a friend or a partner, as we always answer all e-mails received it is company policy and this is checked by several teams.

I get no answer when i phone:
This is most likely to be the case if you are calling out of hours or if our team worked a night shift, we suggest you e-mail, we are an internet based company so 99% of our replies are by e-mail and they all get answered, we find that e-mail gives the customer the best responses and answers to their questions, when calling by phone you may have to leave a message to which we will do our best to reply to in a timely manner, if you do not get a phone call back it is important you e-mail as e-mail is our main source of contact and manned by many members of staff daily.

Delivery Times:
We cannot guarantee any delivery times, all deliveries are carried out by the postal service and not us they are a third party carrier, usually USPS or Canada Post make the delivery depending upon which country you live in, even tracked and express shipping are not covered for late delivery, if you feel your delivery was overly delayed you can take this up with USPS or Canada post as they are responsible for a punctual delivery time, we will be more than happy to provide you with proof of postage and tracking numbers (if purchased) to show we shipped your items on time and this will also help assist you with claims against them.

My order has not arrived yet:
Some deliveries can take longer than others, whilst deliveries can arrive with you within 4 to 14 working days as we deliver worldwide, sometimes they can take a little longer, this can be for many reasons from postal strikes, slow postal service in your area, slow sorting office to delays within customs, USPS state all mail is considered in transit for up to 28 working days please note this is working days, so if we can confirm we have shipped your items and have proof of postage of this item there is no action we can take until 28 working days has passed.

My first order arrived quickly but my second order is taking longer:
This can happen again as we have no control over the speed of the postal service, as your mail has to pass through so many postal service departments and it is vital that all these departments are effective to maintain a fast delivery, sometimes this does not happen, your order will arrive you just need to be patient, if it is overly late sometimes the postal service will offer compensation to which we will be happy to provide you with proof of postage to back any claims against them.

I have given the wrong delivery address:
If the wrong delivery address has been given by yourself there is nothing we can do until the postal service return the item back to us, if it is a void address it can take between 2 and 12 weeks to arrive back, we can only act upon the delivery address you give at the time of checkout, if the item is returned back a refund is issued automatically, if not we cannot help you any further but we can suggest you get in contact with the people at the address you gave and state the situtation to them.

Can i trial and test the contact lenses:
No, contact lenses are not the same as sheets, curtains or other items that can be returned and then resold, contact lenses are delicate items for special effects and only of use to the person who opens them, they are not sent out on a trial and test basis, we would not want to purchase a product that has been used and we are sure you would not want to either, your purchase is sent to you to inspect them through the clear vials and then to only open the the tamperproof seals if you decide to keep them and agree they are free from damage and the right color.

Do not open your contact lenses tamperproof seals check for damage:
Do not open you contact lenses unless you wish to keep them, contact lenses are not sent out on a trial and test basis, once they have been opened they are no longer of use to anyone except the person who opens them as you could cause damage or scratches without even noticing, all contact lenses are inspected at the factory several times with strict and rigorous tests, we also inspect the contact lenses upon arrival here and at several times before dispatch, damage claims after opening are not covered, all contact lenses are sent out in clear vials to which they can be inspected with ease and the vials create a magnified view so inspection is easy, if you choose open them it is your choice alone and you accept that they are free from damage, if you feel that your contact lenses are damaged do not open them and return them back factory sealed.

Do not open your contact lenses inspect the color:
Contact lenses are not guaranteed to have the same results on different eye colors and shades, they can vary as customers have 100's of different eye colors and shades, whilst they are designed to work on all eye colors this does not mean you will get blue eyes or green eyes etc from the contacts, the contacts are 100% correct in the color we send to you if you order green you will receive green, if you order blue you will receive blue, it is for you to decide whether you feel the color is right for your needs when they arrive, all contact lenses are sent in clear vials to which they can be inspected without opening, if you choose to open them this is your choice alone and accept that they are fit for the purpose.

Damage Contact Lens Policy:
We will only accept claims for damaged contact lenses on unopened tamperproof factory sealed products, we will not accept claims for damaged contact lenses that have been opened as we have no control over the handling once they have been opened, contact lenses are soft, fragile and can become damaged with ease after opening by the customer, this can be for many reasons from incorrect handling to incorrect use just to mention a few, all our contacts are sent out damage free so we will issue no refunds or exchanges on contacts once opened from their tamperproof seals, all contacts that are returned sealed will receive a 100% refund for the products.

We offer a 30 day refund policy on unopened contact lenses, you have 30 days to decide if you wish to keep your contact lenses from the day they arrive with you, if you decide to return contact lenses for a refund all shipping costs are at the cost of the customer as we do not cover returned postage, once received back here we will issue a full refund for the contact lenses only. Please note your contact lenses must remain unopened and factory sealed for a refund, we will not issue refunds on opened contact lenses.

How long does a refund take:
Refunds are issued as soon as the contact lenses arrive back with us, they can take 24 to 72 hours to reflect back in your bank account.

We offer a 30 day exchange policy on all unopened contact lenses you purchase from us, the return shipping costs are not covered, the customer must ensure that the return shipping is covered by themself, we will happily send exchanged contacts back out to the customer at no extra cost, Please note opened contact lenses will not be exchange or sent back out, Exchanged contact lenses must remain factory sealed and unopened.

How long does an Exchange take:
An exchange will be sent back out on the day they arrive back here.

Postal service claims:
If your contacts have not arrived after 28 working days please contact us and we will launch an investigation with the postal service to recover the losses and to carry out checks with their investigation team to see if the item was delivered as most mail is scanned out these days even without a barcode, if the contacts were genuinely not received we will issue a refund or exchange at your request.

Postal service damage:
If your contacts arrive damaged in the post we will one of two things, (a) we will need photographic evidence, this will consist of a photograph showing the tops of both vials in the same photo shot, once we have this information we will be able to assist you further, or (b) the products returned back to us, without this information there is nothing we can do, any damage claims will be inspected by our disputes team and the mailing service, do not dispose of any broken products until we say it is clear to do so.

How can i make payment:
We accept Credit and Debit card payments via secure online banking merchant services that are trusted and well known worldwide, all payments are secure and exceed the highest encryption levels to protect your details, you can contact the payment providers should you require more information.

You can cancel your order at anytime, but if your order has already shipped it will need to be returned to us so we can complete the cancelation which will be a refund or exchange at your request.

If you feel you have been over charged please do not hesitate to contact us, it would be impossible for us to overcharge you as we do not handle your banking details but we can gladly look into this for you with the banks, please always obtain any transaction id numbers from your bank to help us assist you.

Personal Data:
WhatLenses does not hold or obtain any information about your banking or other vital personal details, we only hold your name, delivery address and e-mail address and no other information.

Use of images:
We agree that any of our personal images from the website can be used to promote www.whatlenses.com or used for discussion about www.whatlenses.com, they are not to be used by other websites offering or selling similar products, if our images are found to be used on other websites for commercial use (other than the use for promotion or discussion) we will charge $10 per image per month, if the use of the images is not paid within 30 days we will take legal action.

All text and images are copyright to www.whatlenses.com, they maybe used by 3rd parties to promote www.whatlenses.com only.

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